Faith and Deeds

As a Christian, it is easy to say ” I have faith”. We go to church evry sunday, we worship God, maybe we even attend a homegroup or prayer triplet. But is this all there is to our lives as Christians? These things affirm our faith, they strengthen us for what we will face during our lives, but they are nothing by themselves. The Bible says in James 2:14: What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? I feel there is an important lesson to be learnt here. It is not merely faith that saves us, it is our actions and our deeds as children of the Living God that are also an essential part of our salvation. Faith alone is not enough. We MUST act upon the word of God. It is through our deeds as much, or even more than, through our words that people are able to see the glory of God, and to witness His love. Without actions to back our words up, we are nothing more than puppets, reading from a book like any other. With our actions we affirm the Word of God. We prove to all who witness that his Word is Truth undeniable, and that he has power and love greater than anything else ever concieved.

And yet, when we act, we must consider the reasons behind WHY we are acting. Are we acting solely for God, or is a part of us doing so for recognition? So that people may look upon us and say “there stands a good Christian”. Quash this thought if it enters your minds I beg of you! If ever you act for these reasons rather than entirely and only for Gods Glory then such actions are false and should not be tolerated, no matter how good they might seem. Everything we do, EVERYTHING, must be for Him and Him alone. All else is ashes and dust. It is not easy to seperate such thoughts, it does not happen over night, but trust in Him and He will provide you with the strength you need.

All Glory to God! May my written words reflect the message he wishes, and may I be told is it is ever not so. Amen!


~ by davemclernon on May 18, 2010.

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