Gods Path

The path we walk with God is never going to be an easy one.It is not one of those sedate paths you find on country estates with manicured lawns, all easy walking, beautiful views and quiet space. Instead it is a path of difficulty. It’s a country lane full of potholes, mud and the unpleasant smell of horse dung, with, in the distance, the roar of the motorway just out of sight. So why then, do we willingly choose this path over any other? Why suffer the holes, the grazed knees and the dirty boots? Why not stay in the safe and sheltered walks provided by the estate, content with structured beauty?

The answer is simple. For all the beauty that the estate walk provides, for all it’s cleanliness and guidance, it is not real. It is a fake beauty. Enjoyable in it’s way, easily accessible without fuss or bother, and yet dead, lifeless and stagnant. The path never offers anything more or less than it is. It never goes anywhere in the end, merely round and round, showing us the same sights we have already seen. It is unchanging, and thus comforting for some, but for those of us who know and follow God, it can never be enough.

The country path is messy, and hard. We will often stumble and fall, collecting dirt and grime that we may sometimes not even notice, and yet when we do notice it it will take ages to clean. We will go hungry and thirsty whilst those on the other path are sitting on lawns eating cream buns and drinking tea. And yet…and yet, the beauty we will see on our journey is worth so much more than anything the other path can provide. The knowledge of obstacles overcome, the satisfaction of a challenge faced and met more than worth the efort. The mystery of where the path will lead next, and the wonder of discovery. And even the end of the walk, when we come home to rest, safe and warm and secure. All these things are why we walk the path of God. It is not easy, but that’s alright, because we don’t expect it to be. And because we know that He who made us, who loves us, who wants us to walk with Him forever, will always be there to help us when we need it.



~ by davemclernon on June 5, 2010.

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