The Soul

What is a soul like? I t is like a perfect pond in the middle of a woodland trail. When we are born, the waters are smooth and peaceful, untroubled by anything. It’s clean to drink, and wonderful to behold. Unfortunatly, during our lives, trash often gets dropped into this pond. The waters begin to darken, and it becomes foul and stale. At times we will come back, and stare into it mournfully, wondering just how we managed to let a thing of such beauty become so stained and unlooked after.

God gives us the means to clean this pool that we have allowed to become contaminated. He gives us the means to make the water drinkable again. However before he can do so, we must look, and truly see what it is we have done. It is not enough to simply say “I have sinned, but God forgives me”. Such a statement is pointless if you cannot admit to yourself how you have sinned. A grand all-encompassing statement is not what will allow God to heal you, to make you clean. We must examine what we have done, examine the truth of how we have turned aside from God, hurt others, overindulged ourselves, etc.

Only when we examine the garbage floating at the bottom of our pond can we truly understand how we have ruined it. Once we understand that, we can give it to God and be cleansed. Without examination in detail of that which we have done, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.


~ by davemclernon on July 28, 2010.

One Response to “The Soul”

  1. Interesting analogy. My favorite is when Jesus talks about rivers of living water flowing through us. If the water is not flowing, than it gets stagnant. If we don’t get filled up with His Spirit, it dries up.

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