God is not a Routine!

I feel compelled to write these words, as they were laid upon my heart whilst I was riding into work yesterday morning. I pray they are words from God, and they I put them down as they are meant to be written. I also pray that God would start giving me these words when I have the opportunity to actually write them down straight away, but that’s a whole different story!

The worship of God should never be routine. It is so easy to fall into the trap of going to church every sunday just because it is what you have ALWAYS done, or because your parents did so. For some, it is just that right from the beginning. They have never felt Gods presence, never truly known what it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit, they merely come to church because they feel that somehow it is the right thing to do. Pray for them my friends, pray that God will find them in His own time, and that they may come to know the glory that is Him our saviour.

Sadder to me however are those who once knew God, once worshipped and believed in him fully, and yet now they have lost that connection, that deep feeling of love and hope, that comes from being in contact with our Lord. It is a horrible thing to imagine, yet it is so easy to do. We fall into a pattern of going to church on sunday, singing the hymns and songs with half a heart, listening to the sermon whilst considering where or what to have for lunch, and then we leave and forget. Pray more for these poor souls my friends, for they have lost something so precious, so amazing that their lives must feel empty. What, after all, is life without God?

So how do we overcome this matter of routine? We must be honest with ourselves. We must take a long hard look and discover the reasons within us that determine WHY we have come to church, why we have come to worship. If you are truly there to worship God with all your heart and mind and soul, how incredible is that?! How amazing is it to give everything to God, and know that he receives it and will help you through whatever you are facing?

If, instead you come because it is Sunday and it is the right thing to do, then I urge you to find someone you can sit and talk and pray with. Find out where you became lost along the way, and how you can get back on the path of worshipping our most great and powerful God. Do not feel ashamed or tearful that you have done so, it happens to us all. We are human, and we fail. We have all of us been there. Our God, YOUR God, is ready to take you back into his arms if only you will let him in.

Our God does not want robots, following a set pattern, worshipping automatically and then going home. Our God is not a god of machines, but a God of life, love and joy! How you worship is not important, some play music, some dance and wave and sing, some sit silently and contemplate. It all glorifies God, it all brings him pleasure, just so long as it is done with the sole intent of doing so. Of turning to God and saying “you are the Lord of all things, come into my life, and be with me always.”

He is here, he is moving amongst us and he has a plan for us. His spirit is drawing nearer and nearer each day and all we have to do is reach up our arms and embrace him. His spirit will overflow within us, changing us, moulding us into the people we are SUPPOSED to be, according to His plan. I urge anyone reading this, examine WHY you do the things you do, and seek help if it is needed. Help is always available for those who need it. Isiah 55:7 says “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near”. Amen! Call upon the Lord, feel Him enter your life and send it spiralling upwards on a rollercoaster ride that will leave you breathless and amazed and ever closer to God. Join the Lord, and feel how great and awesome He is!


~ by davemclernon on November 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “God is not a Routine!”

  1. Amen to that!
    John 4:24. worship in spirit and truth.

    has anyone ever told you that you have a writing gift??


  2. This is a good message for the church today. I appreciate your passion for true Christianity, which is a relationship with Father God!

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